Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pugad Pugo Adventure Resort, La Union

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La Union is known for it's amazing beaches. It's one of my go-to places whenever I feel like going to the beach because it only takes me 30-40 minutes for me to go there. If you're looking for some adventure, well here's a perfect place for you. All the fun filled activities like zipline, rapelling, wall climbing, trekking, driving adventures and of course the swimming pool can all be experienced here.  Went here last Easter Sunday with my family. It's pretty cool here. Unfortunately we haven't tried all the adventures here :( but its okay though, I can always come back here if I want to(joke! kung may peraaaaaaaa. HAHAHA)

children's playground
shoe photographer? naahh. hahahha. signature shot maybe? :)

They also have an area where there are alot of caged birds :)

 You can also take a picture with a snake and a parrot for only 30php! 
snake= 20 php
parrot= 10 php

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  1. hello! Nice blog about the Pugad Adventure in the La Union, and I hope I can read more blogs about you! I'll follow you in Twitter okay? Thanks!

    - @fireyard (TW)


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