Thursday, August 7, 2014

My life in Singapore on a daily basis

After 10 years, I'm finally back to the country I considered home. Singapore is a great place to live in but not in a long time I should say. It's a small country with a few tourist spots so I feel like I could get bored in this place if I ever live here. Plus, it's so expensive here. No wonder they were considered as one of the most expensive cities in the world. But on the other hand, it's a very clean place, as in. So I just couldn't stop comparing my hometown to this country. It's very accessible in here too. Like if you want to go to the market, park or to the mall, you could just walk for a few blocks and you're already there. Or if you're lazy enough to go to these places you could always take the bus (just don't forget to bring your e-card).


Dianne and the cast of Big Bang theory has the same costumes! :)))
My father has an apartment in Yishun. In my dad's block there's already a park where you can relax, exercise, and play. My father has work during weekdays and could only take us on a tour during Saturdays and Sundays.

Back in the Philippines, specifically in Baguio, this may sound like a total spoiled bratt or finicky (but I swear I'm not too high maintenance! haha) but you will never see me going around in a public market buying food stuff. Never. It's my mom & my older sister's duty. But here in Singapore, it's okay for me to go, I would even love to. Why? Besides from a short trip to the market, there market is also clean and organized, I could go there alone without worrying if it's safe or not.

We are just new in the place, we used to live in Woodlands ten years ago. So during our first week, we familiarize ourselves to the routes of the places we want to go, what bus we should ride, what train station we should stop and etc. So that during weekdays we could re-visit the places even without our dad having to tour us and he doesn't need to get worried that we might get lost. I have to admit we've been slacking off since the day we got here. We usually wake up 8 or 9 am in the morning and do our morning daily routine maybe 1 hour after our wake up. So basically, we start our morning routine around 10. So we do our tours in the afternoon.We get out of the apartment maybe already 2 or 3. Not a good time to start your tour though but since my father knows the in and outs of the area. It helped us buy some time to really see the beauty of the place.


It's already 6 or 7 but I think Singaporeans think this is still too early to go home. Why? Because the sky is still bright at a time like this you wouldn't think that it's getting a little late already. Haha. But during this time, especially when Dianne and I are the only ones who went for a walk around the city, we should already be going home before it starts to get dark probably by 7 or 7:30 since our father hates us going home late.


When I'm with my family we usually go home around 10 or 11 pm. I guess time flies so fast when you're having fun. And when we are at home, we usually cook around 8 pm already. Then while waiting for our food we'll stay in the living room to catch up on some filipino news and what's good is we sometimes watch movies together as a family. Unfortunately when the food is already on the table we have no choice but to pause the movie and eat in the dining room because my father hates eating in the living room. Well I know it's the proper way to do so but back in the Philippines when we're watching a movie we'll finish the movie first or while the movie is playing we'll rush downstairs to get food. Haha. I guess we're more free when our papa is not around. He's obviously more strict than our mom.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thank you Studio Ghibli! ;)

I'm the kind of person who wants to live in a world in a whole new different level. You know, what kids think nowadays or more so, even before. A world full of magic, monsters, out of this world architecture, talking animals, fluffy clouds, and most especially, the charisma and chemistry of the characters that we all know only exist in films. This maybe the reason why I love Studio Ghibli. They take you to different places that without them you wouldn't even think such creativity exist. This films made you want to enter inside the TV and forever live there. It's good that you watch films like this because they take you out of the reality for awhile. I just want to escape the real world for awhile. This is what this films are made of. They keep you out of what's really outside your four walled room for awhile. But reality check: I'm already 19 years old yet I'm still into this kind of films. Haha. As long as it makes you happy who cares, right? and besides, They are a huge part of our childhood it wouldn't much be a waste of your time to reminisce right?? :)

Since Studio Ghibli announced it's "short break". I decided to post the films that I've watched under Studio Ghibli movies. It's been on one of my drafts ever since I stopped updating my blogging for awhile. But since I heard about Studio Ghibli's closure for awhile, I can't help but reminisce all their films and even have a Studio Ghibli movie marathon. Every film has a place in my heart. They filled my childhood memories with delight. They made me miss the times I watch it with my cousins, friends and of course, my family.

1. Spirited Away

They are the ones who made me create a new different world within my imagination. The characters, the story-line, the plot, are all perfect. I hope when SG will be back on business, I hope they make a sequel of this film since I already read the second book of this one. *fingers crossed*

2. Howl's Moving Castle

Another out of this world film! This is one of the movies that I've watched for the nth time. And wouldn't mind watching it over and over again. The lead characters just make me so kilig (giddy)!!!

3. The secret world of Ariety

I'm a small person. I used to hate my height. My sister and I are always getting bullied in school and even outside the school because of our height. But ever since I watched this film, I almost want to be a tiny tiny person. tinier than a dwarf even! I just love how the tiny characters made use of the small things! I envy them because they could (but unfortunately didn't :( ) live in a doll house. And besides, no matter how small you are, there will be someone out there who will love you.

4. My neighbor Totoro

Another kawaii (a Japanese term for cute) movie! I just want to hug Totoro! Too bad I can't find a Totoro stuff toy in any place I go to. I tried to look online but it's so expensive. So I promised myself; when the time I can already afford to go to Japan, no matter how old I am, I.WILL.BUY.A.TOTORO. hahaha!

5. Whisper of the Heart

This movie totally showed the world I want to live in! Just add the elements in Spirited Away, Howl's moving castle, Laputa: castle in the sky and it's all perfect! I love how the characters here follow their dreams. I also wanted to be a writer before. But I'm not that good enough. I wish I could put into words the world I imagined. I bet it will be better than Harry Potter. Haha. Joking aside, maybe it's not for me (being a writer), it could be but at that time I was so lost and didn't have enough time to think much of it. And going in a different path is my choice so now, it's already too late so I have no choice but to face it. Where am I going with this one? Haha. Anyway,This is one of the underrated films that SG released but this film is good! I totally recommend it. There's alot of lessons you could learn here. ;)

6. Grave of the fireflies

The one and only tear jerker that SG made (as far as I know). The first and only animated war film that I've ever watched. If you don't want your eyes to swell because of all the crying then don't watch this but unless you're a heartless person then you could watch it. Haha.

7. From Up On Poppy Hill

This doesn't really level much of all the films that SG have made. But it's really touching though. It's a typical romance where in two teenagers developed crush on each other but then  in a twisted turn of events they thought they have the same father but eventually found out the truth behind their real identity and finally knowing the truth they could love as lovers do already. Haha. Not much a good storyline though maybe because the story is so simple but I like this film because of the chemistry of the characters and because of their unique clubhouse ;) I wish we have that kind of clubhouse wayback in highschool :))

8. Ponyo

I put this last because I can't remember much the story since I can't find it anywhere in my hard drive anymore but as far as I can remember this is kind of little mermaid japanese version and I can still remember the cuteness of the characters. ;)

So thank you to all the people behind Studio Ghibli (+Studio Ghibli 株式会社スタジオジブリ)  who made all this characters exist and had been (and will always be) part of our childhood! Hope that you will continue to make good movies like this by the time you get back in business! ;)

PS: I'll still update this post since I'm already downloading other interesting SG films like Laputa: Castle in the Sky and  Tales from Earthsea. ;)

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photo Diary: Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya

 Been wondering long and staring hard about what I should blog about tonight.., after all it has indeed been some while since I blogged regularly. Is this what we all call the blogging slump? (As much as I hate to admit it.. I guess there's still some truth in that) Been completely over-the-top kind of busy running for appointments.. attending workshops.. squeezing in a little bit of extra time to catch up with friends. No, just joking. I haven't really done that at all (of all the things I've mentioned). Ever since I came back from my province I really haven't gone outside. Introvert as usual. So I was editing photos of my trip to my province and suddenly got an idea to blog about it. 

Well my province is not so bad at all. I swear I would've stayed for two more days if we didn't suffer much on those ant and mosquito bites. 

When you think of Nueva Vizcaya, other than a province of course,  it's mostly just farms, mountains, bahay kubo and the like. What many don't know that there is a beauty in it. My sister and I likes to go on hills and explore. Even if we get a million mosquito bites out of nowhere it's fine for us because once we reach the top of the hill you'll see a spectacular view. Even from scorching heat we still managed to explore. So we went to my mom's friends's garden place called Flores park. I never thought that a garden like that exist in the province. 

At the right side view at the top of the hill

At the left side view at the top of the hill

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Saud Beach Resort Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

The beach resort was nice. The powdered sands are very soft that it really feels good to sink your feet while walking along the beach. The strong waves that will carry you back to the shore. The palm trees that feels so relaxing under its shade. It's almost like boracay but except for two things. One is the girl's comfort room. The comfort rooms are gross the worst part is, out of 4 cubicles, only 1 is available. And then the shower rooms, I heard from my mother and sister (since I didn't took the shower there because of disappointment) that it doesn't have shower curtains (daw). So I think the resort should really improve their comfort rooms. And the last thing is, the stalls. They're blocking the beautiful view. 

All and all, The beach is nice. Few more improvements and it will be perfect just like boracay.

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