Saturday, November 15, 2014

On The List: Favorite Anime

Okay, so I think it's been a decade since I last blogged. What's new, right? I'm such a consistent inconsistent blogger (yes, I am stating the obvious) So the reason for this absence (as if someone cared but I'll tell you anyway) is because I've been watching series of anime. I'm not that addicted on watching anime before, I'm picky when it comes to anime because every time I go to a store and see lots of anime, they look so corny in my eyes. So I'm really looking for an anime that has a good plot. So far, I've been watching 20 anime already, some are thoroughly handpicked by me and some are recommended by my friend, who has a box full of anime, can you believe that? never met someone who has a ton of cds, but I bet there are people who only doesn't have a box full of anime cd's maybe a walk in closet (full of  cds instead of clothes). Unfortunately , half of the anime, that my friend recommended me are bad, but on the contrary, some are also good. So yeah.. I don't know where else I'm going with this introduction paragraph but I'll just end it with... okay here goes the list!

1. Code Geass Season 1 and 2

This anime is the reason why I've been addicted to anime lately and the reason why I've been so out of the social world (yes, I'm blaming it on the anime and who wouldn't right?). Anyway, the plot is very uniquely done. There are a lot of twist and turns in every episode. The ending is not cliche, Like it or not, I think it's just the right ending for the story. I hate how this isn't as famous as any other anime out there :( but on the contrary, the people who know this anime had this on their list of favorites.

2. Fairytail

In all honesty, this is the very first anime that I've ever completed watching. From episode 1 to it's season two, I've watched all of it and never got tired of watching. Although people would compare it to One piece, I don't think I could ever compare it to that anime, because one, is because it's been a long time since I watched that show (Still a little kid back then, 8 years old maybe?) and I forgot the story already but for some weird reason I still remember the feeling of being excited whenever One Piece is being shown, I guess I got addicted to that anime before. Anyway, Fairytail tells us a lot of good morals. What I don't like in this show is there are alot of boobs going on in this show that it merely looks like it's gonna be hentai.I hate those kind of genres

3. Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

The anime that I wouldn't mind watching 3 times a year. Yes. It's possible. And No, I don't think I could ever get tired watching this. Haha

4. Bleach

Good plot and funny characters as well.

5. Sword Art Online Season 1

I'm not a fan of video games but this definitely made me want to try one. But of course it's impossible due to lack of time

6. Kuroko No Basket

Definitely not a fan of basketball. I don't even watch famous NBA games. But this anime is something. I love how- even if I don't understand the rules of the game- made me understand and at the same time love basketball (at least in the anime)

7. Death Note

Haven't watched the ending yet since I stopped halfway because the cd is broken. But I love it anyway. I love the story.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

The show started out slow, but as the story goes further it's gets better. The end is fantastic but it was awkwardly low and just wanna watch season 2 (because that's the time he became good looking. Haha)

9. Another
Dex's Review: Another

I love it's final destination vibe! Best horror anime that I've ever seen. I hope that they will have another season of this and when I say another, new set of characters and situation or the story before all this deaths happened, because it's still a question for me- how it all started.

10. Eyeshield 21

I never knew this anime is so good. I've seen it a few times before in ABS-CBN but didn't gave a chance to watch it, because I thought it's another crap. My friend recommended it to me and well I have no choice anyway, so i watched it and wow... I ate my words.

And the list goes on, I'll be updating it from time to time whenever I feel like it. Haha. Anyway, if you'd like, you could recommend me some anime ;)

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Maze Runner movie review

As a big fan of the book, I'm quite disapointed by how the movie turned out. Why are the good parts removed or changed in the movie? I understand if they changed the gruesome parts and they have to cut some scenes because of the time lapse, but why the good parts? What parts am I talking about? Let me take a list of it:

1. They changed the code. It's not just a number sequence. They have to form a pattern, words to be specific

2. Where's frypan? Haha. I guess some important characters were not introduced quite well.

3. The cliff! It's not just a griever hole. But there's a cliff. And the good part was when they found out how the grievers disappear in the cliff but they didn't show it.

4. My imagination of the grievers is better than the movie though. Haha.

5. Aside from Thomas and Newt, my favorite would be Minho. Minho should speak smart alecks in the movie beacuse that's what makes his character funny and admirable but the actor who played it didn't give justice. Maybe in the next movie though. I hope. I still love the Minho in the movie though. :)

6. Why did they remove parts where Thomas and Teresa should be talking inside their minds? the TELEPATHY thing? WHY?!? Haha. 

7. The lady at the end should be  able to meet them personally and get shot in front of them. Like she should be really dead. And the ones that rescued them should be ordinary people, not military armies.

8. They should be riding the bus at the end of the book, but they rode in a helicopter.

9. I imagined more grievers.

10. Their age should be ranging from 13 to 16 years old. But most of them look like 18-20 years old. 

A little change is okay but they just changed a lot of good parts. I'm not saying that the ones I mentioned should all be in the movie but I just wish they didn't changed it. 

But in contrary, despite the changes there are some good scenes and parts I really like (c'mon, the movie is not that bad as I seem to describe):

1. Chuck is super funny. I just wish he didn't die at the end though. Siya talaga yung nagdala sa movie eh.
2. Intense especially when they were chased and attack by grievers.
3. In all fairness, the actors are good :) I'm already crushing on Newt and Minho already!! I've admired Dylan O' Brian (Thomas) even before the movie because of his character in Teen Wolf. And I'm so happy that he got to play the role (but I still think they should've used younger ones) and he quite resembles Logan Lerman, right?

So there. I'm not saying the movie is ugly though but it just didn't keep up to my expectations. The movie is good but maybe because I already read the book that's why I was quite disappointed. But I heard some people thought it was really good maybe because they haven't read the book yet. -.- haha. 

I rate it 7/10 :) 
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Friday, September 19, 2014

A piece of advice for girls who have a low self-estreem

You’re still young. You’re only a teen. Don’t stress over those pictures in that magazine. You’re perfect, beautiful, fine the way you are. Doesn’t matter what shoes you have, or clothes, bags, or car. What matters is deep inside - this thing called your heart. Just be nice, be humble, and do right. Block out the media, the tv, and the sleaze. You’re way too young to be acting this way. Just be yourself and you’ll make it through the day.
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A daughter's point of view

I came across this article in my notes on Facebook. And this was 4 years ago. As far as I can remember I really didn't understand or fully read this basta may ma share sa facebook yun na. Haha. Ngayon ko lang talaga binasa. These parents point of view are really interesting as they discuss the ways why children and parents misunderstood each other. I have to agree with the two. Since I'm already old enough to understand, I will have to say my take on the following as a daughter's point of view. 

I came across this article due to a friend sharing it on Facebook and while I thought it was interesting, the way it was written made me immediately wonder if there was a version from a parents point a of view. 
couldn't find one, so here is mine. However, it really won’t make sense unless you read the article is is inspired by, so I have included it here above each of my interpretations, verbatim. 

1. We expect children to be able to do things before they are ready.
We ask an infant to keep quiet. We ask a 2-year-old to sit still. We ask a 4-year-old to clean his room. In all of these situations, we are being unrealistic. We are setting ourselves up for disappointment and setting up the child for repeated failures to please us. Yet many parents ask their young children to do things that even an older child would find difficult. In short, we ask children to stop acting their age.
1. We are expected to do things for our children that they have proven they are able to do themselves.
We are expected to rock and cuddle a toddler to sleep.  We are expected to dress a 3 year old. We are expected to make simple food (such as breakfast or a sandwich) for a 7 year old. Parents are constantly under pressure from everywhere to teach children life skills, and pressured by the children to allow them to do things. Yet on a daily basis, the children refuse to do things they are capable of. In short, we are being treated like a slave.

My Take: 
I have to agree with these two. Parents taught us how to behave in a very young age. They teach us how to do basic things around the house too. Like cleaning up your toys after you play, to place your dish after you eat in the lavatory, to wash you panties or briefs after you take a shower. And over the years, we manage to comply with all the things we need to do around the house. Parents just wanna teach us how to be independent. Yet some children refuse to do so because they're either lazy or spoiled. I have to admit, I am a lazy bum around the house. But at least, I know a lot of things like, washing the dishes, cleaning our room, mop around the house, cook (a little), folding or fixing clothes and etc it's just that I'm too lazy to do it most of the time and I mostly just do it when I am really ask to do so. And as a stupid kid before, I get really angry when they told me to do something I really don't like to do. But as you get older you'll soon realize the importance of the things your parents taught you.  I admit, I still have a lot of things to learn like cooking different dishes, and most especially how to use the washing machine -_- 

2. We become angry when a child fails to meet our needs.
A child can only do what he can do. If a child cannot do something we ask, it is unfair and unrealistic to expect or demand more, and anger only makes things worse. A 2-year-old can only act like a 2-year-old, a 5-year-old cannot act like a 10-year-old, and a 10-year-old cannot act like an adult. To expect more is unrealistic and unhelpful. There are limits to what a child can manage, and if we don’t accept those limits, it can only result in frustration on both sides.
2. Children become angry when we do our best.
A parent can only do what they can do, and allow what is sensible and safe for a child of a certain age. It is unfair to demand more, especially when children are constantly taught to either a) not to ask for inappropriate things (ie: snacks at dinner time) or b) that no means no.  A 2 year old is limited to behaviour and access to items that are safe for a 2 year old. A 5 year old is not allowed to go on a sleep over like big sister. A 10 year old is not going to be allowed to use a frying pan unsupervised or go out in *that* skirt. There are limits to what a parent can manage, and if children don’t accept those limits and the boundaries that are set for them, it can only result in frustration on both sides.

My take:
I understand that our parents just wants us to finish our studies in time. That we should graduate and find a better job so that they can rest already (I mean relax). I get that. But there are things that we are limited to do. Yes, indeed I'm already a college student but there are just some subjects that are really hard and it's really hard to compromise especially if you don't get enough sleep because of plates, projects etc. My father used to say "walang mahirap sa taong nagsisipag". I agree BUT it's college. College teach you how to be professional in your chosen field. It's all about maturing. And as a person, I'm still practicing to be one. College will always have ups and down, trial and error. We fail in a single or multiple subjects but we still manage to continue our course and take the same subjects all over again because we want to learn. Parents should understand the weakness of their children. And they have to know that EXPERIENCE and MISTAKES will always be the best teacher.  Parents demand a lot not knowing the struggles of their child in school. But they have to understand that my course is no joke. Pwede pa pag memorization lang kelangan sa course eh, sige sipagan mo lang magbasa. Pero sa course ko, kelangan may skills ka, at dapat magaling sa analyzation at memorization dagdagan mo pa ng mga math, hindi ito madali lalo na kung mahina ka talaga dito. 

3. We mistrust the child’s motives.
If a child cannot meet our needs, we assume that he is being defiant, instead of looking closely at the situation from the child’s point of view, so we can determine the truth of the matter. In reality, a “defiant” child may be ill, tired, hungry, in pain, responding to an emotional or physical hurt, or struggling with a hidden cause such as food allergy. Yet we seem to overlook these possibilities in favor of thinking the worst about the child’s “personality”.
3. Children mistrust our motives.
If a parent cannot meet the child’s wants, they assume we are being mean, uncaring, or spiteful, instead of remembering all the times previous where their parent was right, and they were kept safe, while getting what they need.  In reality, a parent is doing everything they can think of to give their child a balance of what they need and want, and they get hurt deeply when a child rudely throws it all back in their face.  Yet children overlook the possibility that a parent knows best, and assumes the motives are to hurt or punish the child “for no reason”.

4. We don’t allow children to be children.
We somehow forget what it was like to be a child ourselves, and expect the child to act like an adult instead of acting his age. A healthy child will be rambunctious, noisy, emotionally expressive, and will have a short attention span. All of these “problems” are not problems at all, but are in fact normal qualities of a normal child. Rather, it is our society and our society’s expectations of perfect behavior that are abnormal.
4. Children don’t want to be children.
We remember going outside and playing imagination games, riding our bikes around the streets, telling stories with our dolls, and playing dress ups. Children these days scoff at that, “engage” in electronic entertainment, and are withdrawn and solitary beings. These problems are serious and are not normal qualities of a normal child. They are worsened when a parent tries to get their child off their behind and out into the world to PLAY, as the child only withdraws more and “hates” the parent for turning of their (insert device here). Our society’s expectations of children being cool, modern, and in touch, have turned them into abnormal examples of what children should be.

My take:
As technology advances, children demand a lot of gadgets such as ipad, iphone, dslr, psp, wii and other gadgets in such a young age. I have a sister who is 10 years old, and 2 niece, 6 and 9 years old that mostly prefers playing ipad instead of playing outdoor games. And I realize that I miss my childhood. Before these gadgets appeared, me and my cousins used to play in the playground a lot and even have fights between boys. I miss those days. We really got to enjoy our childhood. I felt pity and scared  for my sister and nieces because they really don't get to enjoy their childhood like we had before. They would be given ipads, iphones, psp in such a young age and yet they still demand more. It's always good to say no to children sometimes, so they won't be spoiled bratt in the future and I have to thank my parents for that. When I was a kid I used to have  a lot of tantrums because I didn't get what I want. And as I get older, I learned to not ask for anything that much since I'm not excelling much on school and I always fail to meet their demands, I think I don't have the right to ask for anything big since I don't have a reason to make such huge favor. Mahiya ka naman paminsan minsan sa parents mo. 

5. We get it backwards.
We expect, and demand, that the child meet our needs - for quiet, for uninterrupted sleep, for obedience to our wishes, and so on. Instead of accepting our parental role to meet the child’s needs, we expect the child to care for ours. We can become so focused on our own unmet needs and frustrations that we forget this is a child, who has needs of his own.
5. We are misunderstood.
We ask that children behave in an appropriate manner for the situation, or that they go and make their noise/mess elsewhere, or at the appropriate time (ie: not talking with a mouthful at dinner, playing with drums and “talking” toys in their room). Instead of accepting the rules as they have always been taught, the child chooses to ignore them whenever and however often it suits them. They can become so focused on purposely doing exactly what they’ve been told not to, while watching for a reaction, that they don’t realise that they are pushing for a reaction that is not what they want, and will earn them discipline and further cracking down on their being allowed to bend of other rules. 

6. We blame and criticize when a child makes a mistake.
Yet children have had very little experience in life, and they will inevitably make mistakes. Mistakes are a natural part of learning at any age. Instead of understanding and helping the child, we blame him, as though he should be able to learn everything perfectly the first time. To err is human; to err in childhood is human and unavoidable. Yet we react to each mistake, infraction of a rule, or misbehavior with surprise and disappointment. It makes no sense to understand that a child will make mistakes, and then to react as though we think the child should behave perfectly at all times.
6. We are blamed and criticised by everyone for everything.
Yet most parents have had zero experience in dealing with their child at whatever age they are at, and will make mistakes. Instead of understanding and supporting the parent, we blame them as if they should be able to know and use the methods of parenting that we find acceptable and believe are the best way. It makes no sense that a parent will make mistakes, and then to react as though with think they should know better, have a perfect memory, and therefore produce wonderful, well-rounded children first time, every time, as if there are no other forces at work in the shaping of their children.

7. We forget how deeply blame and criticism can hurt a child.
Many parents are coming to understand that physically hurting a child is wrong and harmful, yet many of us forget how painful angry words, insults, and blame can be to a child who can only believe that he is at fault.
7. We forget how deeply blame and criticism can hurt a parent.
Most people come to understand that physically hurting another person is wrong and harmful, yet many of us forget how painful angry words, insults, and blame can be to a parent, who can only believe that they are at fault. So many parents are under immense pressure from all angles with no support groups for inability to pay bills, or awful days at work. However there are plenty of support groups for being a parent, and yet a good majority of them focus on the child. While this is obviously important, parents these days more than ever need sympathy, support, and understanding. Not more “tips” on how they are doing it “wrong”. 

My take: 
They said criticisms can make a person stronger. I have to agree on that point but their is psychological take on this . It's either a child can make it stronger or weaker. Parents must watch the words they say to their child, whether they mean it or not, it will hurt the child DEEPLY. Like me, for example, I hate being called tanga or bobo, it makes me cry and depressed. You might think because it's probably true as the saing goes "the truth hurts". Yes, indeed it's true. I make stupid mistakes but you don't have to say it that hard. I mean like "ANG BOBO MO NAMAN!", "TANGGA!". Whenever my mom (or sister) and I get into fight, she'll say those keywords a lot and after our fight she'll say sorry and explains to me that she really doesn't mean the words she had said and only said it because of extreme anger.  Even so, parents must learn to limit their words of disappointment because it will lead the child to think that they're not good enough in everything  she does and I feel that all the time. 

8. We forget how healing loving actions can be.
We fall into vicious cycles of blame and misbehavior, instead of stopping to give the child love, reassurance, self-esteem, and security with hugs and kind words.
8. Children forget how much they hate being forced to pretend they like someone.
Children will do everything they can to defy a parent, and yet when it is time to go to bed, they wonder why we don’t feel like cuddling and kissing them. They seem to forget what it’s like when someone bullies them at school, or when their brother hurts them at home. The last thing they want to do is be anywhere near that person. They also seem to conveniently forget that there was a reason for the parent giving out the discipline. Doing an about face to cuddle, and talk nicely to them, will remove the meaning of the discipline and not teach them anything about their inappropriate behaviour.

9. We forget that our behavior provides the most potent lessons to the child.
It is truly “not what we say but what we do” that the child takes to heart. A parent who hits a child for hitting, telling him that hitting is wrong, is in fact teaching that hitting is right, at least for those in power. It is the parent who responds to problems with peaceful solutions who is teaching his child how to be a peaceful adult. So-called problems present our best opportunity for teaching values, because children learn best when they are learning about real things in real life.
9. Children don’t see the behaviour we want them to imitate.
Children see us as dictators, constantly telling them what to do, punishing them, and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do. They don’t see us being pleasant to customers, asking nicely for someone to get something for us, thanking someone for bringing us a coffee, or resolving a disagreement in a calm, adult fashion. Every adult in a child’s life is in charge of teaching them to do something. This involves telling them what to do. In that kind of relationship, a child should be learning to respect their teachers and elders, the same as at home. However most of the time, they don’t and there isn’t a way to achieve any outcome of a situation peacefully. When situations like that occur, a child is not interested in learning as all they are thinking about it how much their hate their parent for stopping them doing whatever it was they are doing, and have tuned out to any words you say.

My take: 
It's normal for a parent to punish her child. But hitting, slapping ar pulling a childs hair or any other abuse is invalid and inappropriate. I have a friend who treats her child like that, we sometimes scold her because of her way of punishing but she said, that it's for the best so that their is 80% probability that her child won't do it again. But no matter how much I look at it, it's still wrong. There are many ways of punishing a child and any physical and verbal abuse isn't one of them. 

10. We see only the outward behavior, not the love and good intentions inside the child.
When a child’s behavior disappoints us, we should, more than anything else we do, “assume the best”. We should always assume that the child means well and is behaving as well as possible considering all the circumstances (whether obvious or unknown to us), together with his level of experience in life. If we always assume the best about our child, the child will be free to do his best. If we give only love, love is all we will receive.
10. They only see the outward behaviour, not the love and good intentions of the parents’ actions.
When a parent makes a decision that a child doesn’t like, they assume it’s because the parent wants to hurt, embarrass, or annoy them. They don’t consider that a parent has been there, and knows the consequences, or simply doesn’t have the money to buy whatever it is the child “must” have.  If parents were to give in and always make their child happy, then they wouldn’t be a parent. If parents didn’t push their child to finish their homework, practice their instrument, learn to cook and clean, then the child won’t be able to succeed in the world.

My take:
I have to agree with the second one. We misunderstood what our parents really want for us. They just don't want us to make the same mistake again or they just don't want us to regret. For example, some parents are very strict when it comes to her child's personal life especially in terms of relationships. We misunderstood them because we are blinded by love. They just want us to have a better future. But if you really love the person prove to them that they are wrong. 

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I don't know why I'm excited for Christmas. Maybe because I have something to look forward to this year's most awaited holiday. For the past few months, I decided to save money and I mean it. I can't believe it's been 2 years since I last updated and deposited in my bank account. And since I'm already 19 years old I think its time for me to own something or totally spend on something that I really saved up and really worked hard to earn. I think it's worth bragging about rather than other people who keep bragging about their cars, clothes, money, when they didn't partly earned it themselves. I actually feel like i'm starting to mature little by little by taking this step. I actually get tempted to spend sometimes, especially when it comes to food. Haha. I'm actually starting to get used on being practical over the past few months. ���� 

So here are a list of my goals or what I'm actually saving for:

1. I  need to reach a 20k goal for my ATM to be upgraded in a debit card. I tried asking my parents to help me a little but they don't want to. hayy :( It will take me a lot of time since my allowance is not that big. Some people might think that I'm a social climber, but definitley NOT. I wanted to upgrade because I wanted to get a job online and I can't get a job online if I don't have a debit or credit card. Because some companies require atleast a debit card so that they can transfer the money through your bank account. It might be risky, because it might be a fraud since debit cards are at risk when it come to fraud and will only give you 2 days to catch the thief. So I'll be extra careful when looking for a job online. :)

2. To travel alone or with friends on a college budget and go to Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Cambodia and other places in the Philippines! 

I don't know what made me think of it but I started to do a research every single night and my level of excitement just grows for each passing hour! Of course this will be my first travel experience, and when I say first time I mean this will be the first time that I'm going to travel in my own expense and doesn't need to ask for money to my parents. But still I prefer to travel with other people like my twin sister or best friends. So since, it's my "first time" to plan this kind of thing, I start asking my friends if they could join me in an epic adventure. Luckily, of all my friends who eventually turned me down I found one but she can't travel until December because she still needed to fix her passport and that's okay because it means I have more time to save but unfortunately she's not sure if her parents will approve of it. Since we're still in our teenage years, the immigration might hold us for one obvious reason, we're too small for our age. And then I started to think again if I'll continue this or not, then again I thought of just travelling alone, but then again I thought to myself that I'm still too small for the age of 19 so yeah, fear started to conquer my head. So yeah, maybe some other time, maybe when I turn 21. Maybe my savings are enough to travel in Thailand and Bali, right? :)

3. Fountain pens!! 

I've been addicted to calligraphy over the past few days. It's because one of my friends asked me to do a lettering for his girlfriend for there 19th monthsary. I hesitated at first since I don't really do commissions for artworks. But this friend of mine had treated us many times so I think its time to return the favor. So I thought of doing a cursive calligraphy to add romance on that white cartolina. I actually failed a little beside from doing it in a rush hour, it turned plain and simple, so my sister and her friends added a not-too-bad colors on it to add a little life on it. As days pass, I started doing lettering's on a scrap paper and eventually got addicted! Then later remembered that one of my favorite accounts on IG like valerieannchua, thefozzybook, googlygoeys,chloiel are also into calligraphy so I stalked there IG and found that they're using a so called fountain pens for there letterings. I felt a little excitement. So now, I already asked my father and a friend of mine to find a fountain pen for me since I can't find anything here in Baguio. They're a little bit expensive and as I said, I'm going to save so I could buy a collection of pens but it wouldn't hurt if  I ask this as a Christmas gift, right? ^___^ HAHA

4. Driver's license
 Who says you need to own a car to get a driver's license? With or without a car you have the option to have a driver's license. It's not because you want to brag that you already have a drivers license. According to my friend, sometimes a school ID is not enough if you ever get in trouble (and it's not that I get in trouble alot. Never. It's just that you know... In case), you need to have a government ID (ie. passport, driver's license, etc). But even so, it wouldn't hurt to get one, right?

5. To have a phone with camera.

I'm already a 3rd year student and as I get older here in college, a camera is almost required in my subjects. I promised myself that I would save money to buy a Samsung K Zoom phone or an Iphone 5. But as my list gets longer, it became one of my least priorities. Why? I love instagram and a phone with an HD camera is an absolute must have, but as I've said, it can wait a little longer.  It's actually my number one reason why I wanted to have one, not really because of academic requirement but what I said in the first sentence is true but I can always ask for my mom or sister's phone if I ever need a camera (but it's not always that easy). Anyway when my savings are enough I would definitely buy one. And before we knew it, Samsung already has a new phone coming up before iphone does, so of course older Samsung phones gets cheaper. Haha

6. Own an apartment or a condo

It's way too long before I could even afford to own one. But when I get older, or maybe after I graduate architecture school, I could get an apartment or condo while studying interior design in Manila. I want to design it on my own too. I could already imagine myself s
Conceptualizing my room, sketching it on a sketchpad, doing autocadd, going through stores, buying furnitures, making my own furnitures and etc. What a wonderful life it would be! 

7. A family car

My family always wanted to have a car but because of unfortunate turn of events, we weren't able to have one. And whenever I remember all the tragic things that happened to us before, I can't help but be mad about something long gone and been forgotten by my family (maybe) and I promised to myself that I would buy a car for my family first. ^_^

"Some people just depends on their parents money. But if you worked hard to earn what you want, it's actually worth spending and worth bragging."

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Are you a true friend? a fake friend? or both?

Okay. Let's not be hypocrites. Kahit gaano ka katapat sa kaibigan mo mayroong time na naging fake friend ka rin. Aminin mo na kahit sa sarili mo lang. O kung hindi pa rin, baka di mo lang  napapansin na may nagawa ka na palang mali sa kaibigan mo. Wala namang perpektong tao at mas lalo namang walang perpektong kaibigan. Inaamin ko naman na nasa both ako. It's either true friend at fake friend ako, depende sa tao at depende sa ugali, at depende sa sitwasyon. Paanong ko nasabing na parehas akong true friend at fake friend ako? idifferentiate muna natin ang true friend at fake friend. Alam kong alam niyo na pero para mas lalo kong maexplain sinasabi ko, tiis muna sa pagbabasa. Haha

True Friend
- Laging nakikinig sa mga problema mo
- Laging nandiyan pag kailangan mo
- Naaalala niya parati birthday mo
- Laging nakasuporta sayo sa lahat ng gagawin mo
- Parang nanay kung magalit kapag pinagsasabihan ka
- Sensitive sa mararamdaman mo
- Kapag proud siya sayo
- Prangka siya sayo

Fake Friend
- Wala siyang pakialam sa mga sinasabi mo pero pag siya nag open up, maiinis kapag di ka nakikinig.
- Lalapit lang kapag may kailangan
- Lagi niyang nakakalimutan na birthday mo, at malalaman na lang niya sa facebook o kaya ang masaklap wala siyang pakialam kung birthday mo
- Di ka niya pinapakita na suportado siya sayo, instead, magiging nega pa siya
- Lagi ka niyang inaasar at laging insensitive sa kung ano man mararamdaman mo
- Pinapahiya ka lagi
- Kung ano sinasabi sa likod mo
- Pinagkakalat niya mga sikreto mo

Yan mga karaniwan signs na true friend at fake friend ka. Eto naman ang side ko..

- Oo, makikinig ako sa mga kwento mo pero wag naman sana paulit ulit. Siguro paulit ulit na lang  nangyayari sayo, pero alam mo kung bakit? kasi hindi ka nakikinig sa mga advice namin. Lagi na lang paulit ulit ginagawa mo. Sa tingin mo? sino hindi magsasawa sa kwento mo? Kwento mo na lang sa pagong. Korny. K. Haha

-Andito ako lagi pagkailangan mo ako. Text mo lang ako o kaya tawagan. Pero wag mong asahan na malalaman ko kaagad na may problema ka. Hindi ako manghuhula. Ako naman, oo nagtetext lang ako pag may kailang o kaya tatanungin pero hindi naman ibig sabihin na may peke na kaagad ako. Mas prefer ko lang talaga na makipagkwentuhan sa personal. Kung madalas kitang hindi nakikita, ayun, doon na kita itetext. O kaya, tamad lang talaga magload yung tao.

- May pakialam ako kung birthday mo, pero dahil makakalimutin ako, wag mong asahan na maalala ko. Ni best friend ko nga nakakalimutan ko na birthday niya pala. Malalaman ko na lang sa facebook. Intindihin mo na may mga ganoon lang talagang tao na itawag na lang natin bilang INTROVERTS.

- Pag sobrang close na tayo, doon kita aasarin dahil alam ko naman na sanay ka na. Pero syempre sensitive din naman ako. Alam ko kung kailan nahuhurt ka na at magsosorry naman ako. At hindi ko naman na uulitin pag alam kong doon ka talaga nasasaktan.

-Di man halata, pero prangka talaga ako pagdating sa mga close kong kaibigan. Minsan sa sobrang prangka ko di ko na naisip na SOBRANG mahuhurt ka. Siguro namimisunderstood mo lang dahil sa way at tono ko ng pagkasabi. Pero sana maintindihan mo na ganun lang talaga ako magsalita. HIndi namna sinasadya. Pero siyempre it's better to know than not to know nga diba?

- Depende kung gaano kalalim sikreto mo. Pag maliit na bagay lang, yun lang yung medyo sinasabi ko sa iba, yung tipong mga crush lang ganon. hahaha. Pero sa mga malalaki at pinakadeep secret, doon ang hindi. Alam ko rin naman limits ko no.

- Hindi naman sa binaback stab ka. Observant lang talaga ako pagdating sa mga ugali. Sadyang may mga bagay talaga na mahirap sabihin o prangkahin.

- Sabihin mo ng pakielamera ako, pero concern lang ako sayo.

So yan. Ako lang ba ganito? Hindi naman siguro. Nakakainis lang kasi yung mga taong, isang pagkakamali mo lang, huhusgahan ka na. May mga times na ginagawa mo lang naman kung ano ang tama pero ikaw pa napapasama. Wala akong pinagdadaanan ngayon. Pero regarding lang to sa mga past issues ko na thankfully, okay na kahit papaano. ^__^ Okay. sana may makarelate kahit papaano :)

PS. Made 3 posts in a row today!! And I still have classes tomorrow. But it's better this way. I might go back on being a blogging slump after this. Hihi

PPS. Sorry kung english-taglish-tagalog mga posts ko ha? Nasanay lang kasi talaga ako. Lalo na taglish. Hindi ako conyo. Ganyan lang talaga ako magsalita sa isip ko kasi siyempre ganito din ako dito sa bahay. Pero sa labas, mostly tagalog. :) I don't even know how many Filipinos and Americans can read my post so sorry kung hindi balance.

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Anonymous School Files

Hindi ito yung karaniwang school files sa school na alam mo. Iba tinutukoy ko at yun ay isang page sa facebook. Nagsimula ito sa UST Files, at mula noon gumawa na rin iba't ibang page ang mga ibang schools. Trending ngayon yung mga page ng isang school kung saan pwede ka magconfess--- ng kasalanan, prinoproblema, at kay crush, magshare ng story--- tungkol sa lovelife mo, embarassing moments mo, heartbreaks, at etc.

Pero ano nga bang ang maganda dito? bakit ito uso? bakit ito inaabangan ng mga readers sa facebook? Isa sa mga dahilan ay dahil ANONYMOUS ang mga nagshashare dito. Hindi mo malalaman kung sino, unless feeling mo kilala mo nagpost kasi relate na relate ka sa story. Yung mga witty comments,  at most expecially syempre dahil sa STORYA. Nakakatawang basahin mga ganito kasi may mga natutunan kang lessons (naks!) Pero, hindi na ito bago sakin. Kasi may ganito din sa Candy Magazine, yung Oops section nila. Parehas din, yung screen name mo lang ipapakita. Pero mas maganda ito kasi sympre everyday makakabasa ka ng isang story. Minsan para ka na rin nagbasa ng wattpadd dahil sa sobrang haba at ganda ng story. Yung iba naman kahit maikli pero may laman at may sense at may humor.

Ang mga sumusunod ay ang mga pages na binabasa ko lamang.

With over 120,000 likes on facebook! Eto pinakafavorite ko. Dito kasi nauso yung mga katagang "walang forever", "plot twist", "madami nanaman aasa neto", "naghahanap ng sparks", "sparks na ito", "*insert action word here* pa more", "*insert wrong spelling here* pa gusto", "ito, ikakasal na kami mamaya", "so ngayon 2 years na kami" "eto, kasal at may 2 nang anak" and other witty comments. Most of the time, yung mga comments talaga inaabangan mo eh. Haha

The Louisian Files
Has 22,196 likes. My very own school. Napansin ko mga lima palang yatang stories yung umabot na nga 900-1000 likes. Mostly 200-300 likes lang. Maganda naman. No offense pero iilan lang talaga yung mga magagandang stories. Hihi. Pero mostly yung mga stories dito nakakatawa at nakakatuwa. Yung iba walang sense, no offense :)

The Diliman files
Over 79,000 likes on Facebook. Medyo matumal sila magpost, unlike UST and Louisian Files pero magaganda naman mga pinopost nila. Yung may sense talaga.

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